We would like to offer the 1 foot Vertex 260 series Illumina at a very special price for a limited time. Pre order pay this month with delivery late September..

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Product Description

The new 260 range comes with the latest XTE LEDS. The 300 mm unit running at 85 watts, 16 white, 8 blue and 8 royal blue in addition the special offer will include Illumina Auxillary module pad UV/Violet LED, all other features as 200 series which you we will include the V-Link and hanging kit. Mounting brackets available as an add on • Capable of growing any type of corals, irrelevant of how high their demand of light. • Equivalent to high Kelvin 400W MH bulb on Eballast. • 50% less energy consumption. • No spotting effect on sand, only natural shimmer effect. • EMC certified, will not affect other electronics or devices in close proximity. • Effortless upgradability. • Super sleek modern design.